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Revised: 21 Apr 2006 15:35:30 -0700 .


The Game Half-Life has been my passion for many years now.  I moved around from server to server for a year until I found a great bunch of people to frag with.  

We eventually started our own clan called the:

 We are by far the best damn Clan on or off the net!!! click here to go directly to our site

I have been running a Half-Life Death Match dedicated Game Server for 24/7 since 2000 for everyone to enjoy. 


My game name is:       

                   My Half-Life 1 Death Match Game Server's Ip# is and my Half-Life 1 Team Play Game Server's Ip# is

I also occasionally run a Half-Life 2 Death Match Game Server @ Ip# is

The servers are configured for Fast Downloads, so I no longer post my map cycles.

** Click here for my new Models Pages **